Monthly Archives: May 2012

Scaling the Basic system.

As I noted previously, the 3-step Basic system for Sooner Or Later can scale quite nicely to suit your needs. For example, if you decide that “soon” is today, and “periodically” is every hour during your day, you can be sure that you’ll be reminded of your tasks throughout the day. While this system would […]

The Basic system.

Here is a basic 3-step system for effectively using Sooner Or Later: 1. Add new to-do items to your Soon and Later lists 2.  Review your Soon list periodically      Choose items and either complete them or move them to Later 3.  Review your Later list periodically      Consider moving items from Later to Soon […]

Reminders and the Relaxed Lifestyle.

One of the questions I’m usually asked about Sooner Or Later is, “Why doesn’t it have reminders or alerts?” The short answer is simply that they aren’t appropriate. That’s not to say that reminders don’t have their place. In fact, they are essential for managing appointments. However, appointments belong in your calendar, not in your […]

Trustworthiness and your peace of mind.

The fact is that, if you’re like most people, your brain is not good at remembering all of the things you have to do in life. Instead, your brain is at its best when focusing on a small number of tasks. All of the rest of the things you have to do cause stress as […]

Take control.

One of the benefits of using Sooner Or Later is an increased feeling of being in control of your life. The reason is simple: You make deliberate choices about what to do and how to spend your time. You may still choose not to do something, but it feels different when you proactively and purposefully […]

Worth your time?

It’s important to realize that Sooner Or Later is just a tool. While that may seem obvious, it does have some implications that are easy to miss. For example, Sooner Or Later will not automatically tell you what to do or when to do it, no more than a chisel will automatically carve a masterpiece […]

Deceptively Simple.

Given that Sooner or Later is so simple to use, it’s easy to assume that it isn’t a serious productivity tool. And that’s ok. You’re more than welcome to use Sooner or Later casually to remember a few things here and there as it suits your lifestyle. Maybe you already have a good system for […]