Reminders and the Relaxed Lifestyle.

One of the questions I’m usually asked about Sooner Or Later is, “Why doesn’t it have reminders or alerts?”

The short answer is simply that they aren’t appropriate.

That’s not to say that reminders don’t have their place. In fact, they are essential for managing appointments.

However, appointments belong in your calendar, not in your to-do list.

When you treat to-do items like calendar appointments, more likely than not, your mobile device will become an annoyance as it sounds alarms at inappropriate times throughout your day.

For example, last week when you scheduled a reminder to take out the trash at 7 p.m. today, you didn’t know that you would bump into a friend and dine out tonight, and so that “helpful” alarm that went off in the middle of dinner became quite an annoyance.

And if you’re like me, you probably woke up the next day as the garbage truck drove by and only then realized that you forgot to take out the trash anyway, after you had dismissed the alarm during dinner.

So, not only was the alarm inappropriate and annoying, but you suffered the annoyance for absolutely no benefit.

But, you might ask, if my mobile device doesn’t sound an alarm, won’t I forget to do what I need to do?

The answer is yes, you will forget, unless you develop new habits for effectively using Sooner Or Later as an extension of your internal memory.

Once you’ve developed these simple habits, you can experience what I call the relaxed lifestyle, where, rather than being driven (crazy) by alerts and alarms throughout your day, you are more in control of your life as you efficiently choose the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

In fact, this lifestyle was my personal motivation for designing and developing Sooner Or Later.

More to follow on the the simple habits that make this lifestyle possible!


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