The Basic system.

Here is a basic 3-step system for effectively using Sooner Or Later:

1. Add new to-do items to your Soon and Later lists

2.  Review your Soon list periodically      Choose items and either complete them or move them to Later

3.  Review your Later list periodically      Consider moving items from Later to Soon

With this system, you record to-do items in Sooner Or Later as you think of them(Remember, appointments go into your calendar.)

“Soon” can be any timespan that makes sense to you, and “Later” is anything after that.

For example, my mom says “Soon” for her is roughly anytime in the next 2 weeks, and “Later” is anything after that.

She reviews and updates her Soon and Later lists once at the start of the day and trusts her brain to remember her Soon list for the rest of the day.

This system is extremely efficient and low-maintenance, and is a great way to get started with Sooner Or Later.

You can start out by putting just a few to-do items into the system, see how it works for you, and then decide if that’s good enough or if you want to take it to another level.

This system won’t give you all of the benefits of the relaxed lifestyle I described in an earlier post (like remembering to take out the trash at the end of the day), but it doesn’t require much of an investment and you may find that it works well for you.

And, by simply adjusting your personal definition of “soon” and “periodically”, this system can scale quite nicely to your needs.

More on that next time!


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