Scaling the Basic system.

As I noted previously, the 3-step Basic system for Sooner Or Later can scale quite nicely to suit your needs.

For example, if you decide that “soon” is today, and “periodically” is every hour during your day, you can be sure that you’ll be reminded of your tasks throughout the day.

While this system would remind you to take out the trash at a reasonable time without an annoying alarm, it is fairly inefficient and it is still difficult to remember to check the lists every hour without an alarm.

So, while it could work, this is not a very practical way to scale Sooner Or Later.

Instead, what I find works well in practice is taking advantage of natural triggers to review your to-do lists.

Two triggers that work well for me are:

1. Completing a task, and

2. Changing contexts. Over the next couple of posts, I’ll introduce two systems based on these triggers that can be quite practical and effective.


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