The Focus button.

You may have noticed a button labeled “focus” when you tap on an item in your Soon list.

This button is completely optional, but you may find it useful if you have more than a few items in your Soon list.

Research on human multitasking shows that most people are not good at juggling many simultaneous tasks in their brain.

Most people can reasonably keep a maximum of around 5-7 items in focus in their brain at one time (and fewer is better).

Ideally, you want to see the items that you’re currently focused on at a glance in your Soon list, without being distracted by all of the other things you have to do.

So, if your Soon list is getting to be longer than 5-7 items, you’ll want to either move some of them to Later, or, you can use the Focus button.

The Focus button moves a selected item to the top of your Soon list and highlights it.

I call this “bringing an item into focus” or sometimes, “focusing an item”.

(NOTE: Technically, the focus button dims every Soon item that isn’t in focus, so if nothing is in focus, everything is highlighted. This is designed so that if you aren’t using the Focus button feature, your tasks are not dimmed. But, you shouldn’t have to worry about how this works—you can just use it.)

I find it easy to see which items are in focus this way at a glance, without being too distracted by the rest of the items in the Soon list.

This makes the Focus button very nice for quickly identifying the few items I’m focused on at the moment, without having to move the rest of the items to the Later list where I may lose track of them during the day.

Next time, I’ll describe how I use the Focus button as part of the system I’ve developed to optimize my daily routine!


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  1. […] also aligns with other research that indicates that humans are at their most efficient when focusing on a small number of tasks, and can be used to implement other focus-based […]

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