My typical day with the Context-Focus system.

Today I’m going to show you how I use the Context-Focus system with Sooner Or Later to take control of the things I have to do in a typical day.

As I described previously, I use context changes throughout my day to interact with Sooner Or Later and refresh my brain with things that are relevant to my current context.

What follows is a list of my typical context changes, and how I use Sooner Or Later at each change.

Just woke up

First, I review my entire Later list, choose which things I plan to do today, and move them to Soon. (I try to be realistic about what I think I will actually accomplish, so this usually isn’t very many items. But it’s enough that if I handle them all, I will feel good about what I accomplished today.)

During this review, I may also move some of the crusty items at the bottom of my Later list to Never, if they’ve been sitting around forever and I will realistically never accomplish them. (More about the Never list later.)

This is the only time I’ll look at my Later list for the entire day. (I really like this, because I don’t have to keep re-evaluating those items all day long, which would be a waste of my time.)

Next, I review my Soon list for the items I want to focus on before my next context change, which is leaving for work.

I use the “focus” button to bring each of these items to the top of my Soon list (and to the top of my Live Tile).

These are usually the 3-4 recurring items that are part of my morning routine (but that I sometimes forget if I don’t check them off), and maybe something special for the day, like bringing something to work.

This is the longest period of time that I will interact with Sooner Or Later for the day, and I find that it helps me to frame my day and mentally prepare myself for what’s ahead.

Next, I get busy completing the focused items!

Leaving for work

Before I leave for work, I quickly double-check that I haven’t forgotten anything in focus, and review my entire Soon list for any errands I need to run on the way to work.

If there are any errands, I bring them into focus with the “focus” button.

If I have to make multiple stops on the way to work, I treat each stop as a context change, because I’m so forgetful that I will almost certainly make only the first stop and then go directly to work out of habit.

Fortunately, the Live Tile makes these extra context changes just a quick glance at my phone!

Stay tuned for next time, when we’ll wrap up my day with the Context-Focus system!


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