My typical day (Part 2)

Today we continue where I left off last time describing my typical day with Sooner Or Later.

My last context change was “Leaving For Work”, and now I move to:

Arrive at work

When I arrive at work, I review my Soon list for the top items that I’ll focus on immediately.

Here, I try to limit myself to 3 items. Otherwise, I won’t maintain my focus and I’ll be less efficient and spend more total time completing each task.

So far, three items seems to be a good number for me, since it’s enough that usually at least one item is unblocked so I can always make progress.  (More to follow on using Sooner Or Later at work.)


Just before lunch, I do a quick scan of my Soon items to see if there is anything I had planned to do during lunch.

If so, I bring it into focus (and maybe un-focus the things I was working on before lunch) and handle it.

After lunch, I re-evaluate what I will focus on for the rest of the afternoon and use the “focus” button as appropriate.

I treat any other breaks or context changes at work the same way.

Before leaving work

Just before leaving work, I review all of my work-related Soon items and, for any remaining items, either complete them, un-focus them (if I plan to handle them in the evening at home), or move them to Later (if I plan to continue them tomorrow).

I also look for any errands to do on the way home and bring them into focus.

Errands on the way home

If I have errands to run on the way home, at each stop I complete the relevant Soon item and review the Soon list for any other errands.

Here, I’ve been tempted to keep the whole errand list in my brain, but from time-to-time I find that I miss something, so I’m working to develop the habit of checking my Live Tile after each individual errand.

Arrive at home

When I arrive at home, I review my Soon list for things to do and handle them.

Ideally, my Soon list is getting very short at this point, and is maybe even empty (on a good day!), so I may not use the “focus” button for the rest of the day. (More on the empty Soon list later.)


At this point, anything left on my Soon list gets pushed to Later.

And that’s it!

If I use this simple system throughout the day, I have the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that I’ve handled everything that there is for me to do that day with a conscious, informed decision.

More on the profound impact that this simple system has had on my life next time!


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