Sooner Or Later version 1.7 released!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve submitted Sooner Or Later version 1.7 to the Windows Phone marketplace!

The approval process usually takes a week or two, so look for it on your phone in the near future!

In this release, we’ve focused on your feedback and added two user-requested features:

1. A new setting to turn off sound (the soft “click” you hear when completing an item, and the celebratory chimes when you empty your Soon list).

2. A new “custom” color option for your Live Tile that lets you choose from a huge variety of colors, so you can get your Live Tile looking just right.

3. Added an “every 6 months” recurrence option for your scheduled items.

We also fixed a bug where, on a very small percentage of your devices, Sooner Or Later cannot create the background task to update the Live Tile.

And finally, we think we may have fixed a problem where, very rarely and unpredictably, the Live Tile displays all of your Soon items on top of each other. (Note that if this happens, you can open Sooner Or Later, make a change, and go back to the Start screen to fix your Live Tile display.) Thanks again to everyone for your valuable feedback and suggestions!


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