Coming Soon… Sooner Or Later 1.8

In response to your feedback, we’re now offering a paid version of Sooner Or Later with no advertisements!

We debated whether or not to offer two different downloads in the app store, but finally decided to change the existing entry in the store to a paid app with a free trial.

The free trial works exactly as previous versions, with no disabled features. It never expires, so there is no need to upgrade to the paid version if you don’t mind the advertising.

So, everything stays the same, except you now have the option to upgrade and remove the advertising along with the associated data usage.

Once you upgrade, Sooner Or Later will no longer use your data plan, so those of you who have expensive limited data plans may really appreciate that.

In addition to this big change, there are a couple of minor differences:

– Recurring tasks that are in the past automatically “catch up” when you start Sooner Or Later. This doesn’t affect normal daily usage, but, for example, if you have a daily recurring item and don’t use Sooner Or Later for a few days, you’ll just see a “Soon” task for the most recent occurrence, rather than one for every day you didn’t use the app. This is aligned with the goal that Sooner Or Later always shows you what is current and relevant in your life.

– Rename “on a specific date” to “scheduled” when creating a new scheduled task. The hope is that this will be less confusing because it is the same name as the pivot heading that the new task will go under (like the other items “soon”, “later”, and “never”).

I hope you like the new changes! They should show up in the app store in a week or so, depending on how long it takes to go through the certification and publishing process.


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