Why Sooner Or Later?

I introduced someone to Sooner Or Later today, and I was thinking about how I would summarize the reasons to use Sooner Or Later to manage the things you need to do in life.

Here’s my list:

1. Sooner Or Later can reduce your personal stress level.

2. Sooner Or Later can keep you focused on tasks that are relevant right now.

3. Sooner Or Later is better at handling your scheduled and recurring tasks.

4. Sooner Or Later can make you more efficient in less time.

5. Sooner Or Later makes it easy to quickly get “back on track”.

6. Sooner Or Later works the way you think.

7. Sooner Or Later encourages you to be realistic about what you can accomplish.

Over the next several posts, I’ll make the case for each of these points and explain why Sooner Or Later is far superior to traditional to-do lists and calendars on every point.

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