Monthly Archives: December 2012

More on Categories

One point I didn’t make on my last post about categories in Sooner Or Later is that you are one person. That seems like an obvious statement, but when it comes to task management, people (including myself) tend to want to break up their lives into categories like “Work”, “Home”, “Volunteer”, etc. The reality is that […]

What about categories?

I’ve recently gotten some questions about why Sooner Or Later doesn’t have categories. That is a great question, especially since every other to-do/task manager out there seems to have them. So they must be good, right? Early in the design and development of Sooner Or Later, I invested a lot of time in creating an […]

Why “Never”?

I got a great question today about why there is a “Never” list in Sooner Or Later, rather than “Someday”. Sooner Or Later is built around the philosophy that, in order to have peace of mind, you must confront and handle each and every thing there is for you to do in life. If you […]