More on Categories

One point I didn’t make on my last post about categories in Sooner Or Later is that you are one person.

That seems like an obvious statement, but when it comes to task management, people (including myself) tend to want to break up their lives into categories like “Work”, “Home”, “Volunteer”, etc.

The reality is that you are one person, not three, and that if something needs to be done soon, it needs to be done soon no matter which persona it fits.

So, this is another scenario where categorizing tasks doesn’t help you answer the fundamental question of “What is relevant to me right now?”

In practice, I’ve found that the focus button is the most efficient way to focus on tasks that are relevant, and that having any more categories creates complexity and wastes time with no corresponding benefit.


P.S. For a description of how to use the focus button to take control your life, see the Context-Focus System (the system I use) and the Focus System (perhaps less of a commitment).

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