Full time at Hot Chai!

Hot Chai Productions is my passion.

It represents all of the creativity and ideas that I have dreamed of bringing to life.

So far, this has been a project in my spare time, so most of my ideas have gone unrealized.

That all changed yesterday.

I quit my day job at Microsoft where I’ve been since 1997, and I’m full-time at Hot Chai Productions!

I shipped SpeedWords Arena for Android on my first full day (download links at http://speedwords.com), and now I’m off to finally update Sooner Or Later!

Sooner Or Later is by far my most popular app. I’ve got some big ideas I want to implement in a Windows Phone update, and I plan to bring it to iOS and Android next.

After that, I’ve got a few more projects I can’t wait to get to–a new social experience and a new storytelling experience that I think will be cool.

This is going to be a blast!



  1. i use sooner or later all the time for doing chores i forget to do!
    – hannah


  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Wonderful news, I have to say S or L is the best to do list app I have seen, and I have looked at a lot! Pleased to see android version on list but don’t forget to keep the windows version up-to-date. Thanks.

    1. Yes, I’ll certainly be coming back around to the Windows version!

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