Context-Focus System 2.0

With the latest version of Sooner Or Later, the Context-Focus System is even simpler and more efficient to use!

Here is a summary of the improved system:

1. At the start of each day, review the Soon [!] list and focus the first few items you want to do today using the Focus [*] button. (Remember, focused items move to the top of your Soon list.)

2. When you encounter new things to do throughout your day, either complete them immediately or add them to your Soon list. (Remember, add appointments to your Calendar, not your to-do list.)

3. At each context change, review the Soon list and focus or un-focus items as appropriate for your new context. (Remember, context changes are typically associated with a change in your physical location, e.g., leaving home, leaving the grocery store, leaving work, etc. Make a habit of checking your Soon list at these points during your day.)

4. Empty your entire Soon list by the end of the day by either completing (swipe right) or postponing (swipe left) items in your Soon list. (The items you postpone today will automatically return to your Soon list tomorrow for your review.)

That’s it!

Using this system, I can handle everything there is for me to do every day with a conscious, informed decision. Nothing is ever forgotten or accidentally missed.

And, the things I need to focus on now are always right at the top of my Soon list so I can stay on track.

Amazing results for such a simple system! It almost seems too good to be true.

And that’s why I call it “deceptively simple!”


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    David, almost a year since your android version for Sooner or Later, still hoping for a Windows App version for surface…. Love my windows phone version. Trish

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