Sooner Or Later for Android!

Download Sooner Or Later for Android completely free from the Google Play Store now!

There are a few notable changes from the Windows Phone version.

The first is that you can swipe to the right on an item to complete it, and left to postpone it. This makes using Sooner Or Later even more efficient! And so satisfying!

The second is that Later now contains only scheduled items. This represents a refinement of the Context-Focus system which I’ll describe in an upcoming post. The short story is that rather than postponing items to Later and then manually moving them back to Soon, you now postpone items to tomorrow (Later) and they automatically move back to Soon. Just swipe left and the rest is automatic!

And last but not least, Sooner Or Later is completely free with no advertising!

Next up is Sooner Or Later for iOS with the same basic feature set.




  1. How are all your apps free with no ads? Love it, just wondering how you’re paying the bills.

    1. Hi G, that’s a great question and I’m really glad you asked. The short answer is that I’m not paying the bills. Yet. I tried an ad in the Windows Phone version and the dribble of pennies wasn’t even enough to buy coffee, so I figured why annoy everyone? It wasn’t a great plan anyway, because if the app is as efficient to use as I want, then people won’t have it open long at all, so there will be very little time to show ads. Basically, I didn’t think much about revenue and just wanted to build a great app. But I do need to start paying the bills. So my new plan is to create a cloud sync service and see if people are willing to pay a small subscription fee for that service. That makes more sense to me since there is a real cost to running the cloud service. If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll keep experimenting. -David

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