Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sooner Or Later Feedback

It’s always interesting to read the review feedback in the Windows Phone marketplace. We’ve had more than 1,000 downloads now, and the vast majority of the reviews have been very positive! Some of my favorite comments are short and to the point, like dogstar72 who writes, “Love it. Simple, clean, functional.”, and jpozas, who writes, […]

My typical day (Part 2)

Today we continue where I left off last time describing my typical day with Sooner Or Later. My last context change was “Leaving For Work”, and now I move to: Arrive at work When I arrive at work, I review my Soon list for the top items that I’ll focus on immediately. Here, I try […]

My typical day with the Context-Focus system.

Today I’m going to show you how I use the Context-Focus system with Sooner Or Later to take control of the things I have to do in a typical day. As I described previously, I use context changes throughout my day to interact with Sooner Or Later and refresh my brain with things that are […]

The Context-Focus system.

I’ve developed an organizational system based on the principles of the Focus and Context systems, with the additional goal of emptying my Soon list every day, that so far suits my lifestyle perfectly. Here’s how it works: At the start of each day, I review my Later list and move items that I want to […]

New and Impressive!

Today, Sooner Or Later is featured at the top of the “New & Impressive” list in AppFlow, the excellent app discovery app from Distinction, Ltd. Thank you all for your reviews, and check out AppFlow at!

Sooner Or Later version 1.1 published!

Today, Sooner Or Later version 1.1 was approved for publishing in the Windows Phone marketplace! You should start seeing the update on your devices in the next couple of days. Version 1.1 includes some cosmetic fixes related to manipulating focused items, as well as a fix for scrolling the item at the bottom of the […]

The Focus button.

You may have noticed a button labeled “focus” when you tap on an item in your Soon list. This button is completely optional, but you may find it useful if you have more than a few items in your Soon list. Research on human multitasking shows that most people are not good at juggling many […]

The Context system.

The Context system is a variation of the Basic system that uses a context change as a trigger. In this system, the definitions of “soon” and “later” are unchanged from the Basic system. However, “periodically” becomes “when you change context”. Some examples of context changes throughout my day are: • Waking up • Leaving home […]

The Focus system.

The Focus system is a variation of the Basic system that uses task completion as a trigger. In this system, “soon” is defined as the small number of tasks that you are focusing on right now, and “periodically” is defined as some low-water threshold of items in your Soon list. When you add new items, […]